Production Start up for Oman SCF240TPH Cement Grinding & Packing Plant


At 15:05, April 1st, 2018, Oman’s local time, the first batch of cement was successfully produced at the site of the Oman SCF240TPHCement Grinding Plant Project (hereinafter referred to as the “Oman Project”) generally contracted by the Company. Mr. Jamal personally filled cement for souven iron behalf of the Investor. 

       The Oman Project was formally put into production (added with 30% of ball load) on April 1st, subsequently the cement grinding mill ball load was gradually added up to 85% on 22nd April. Up to 24th April, 10,000t cement was produced with a peak feeding capacity of 210 t/h (approximately 90% of the rated output) for the Cement Mill System, meanwhile, all equipment runs continuously and steadily without any faults. In addition, on-load trial run in various combinations of three sets of 10-nozzlePackers and four sets of fully automatic Loaders were also completed smoothly& successfully. After being tested by the Owner, the 1stbatch Cement is in excellent quality, laying a solid groundwork for the early passing performance test and obtaining PAC.
       The Oman Project, located in the SOHAR Industrial Zone of the northern port city of Oman, is the 2ndcement production line project generally contracted by the Company following the OCC (Oman Cement Company) 4,000TPDCement Clinker Line Project. The Oman Project guarantees a producing capacity of 240TPH ordinary silicate cement by adopting a process of roller press + ball mill and grinding slag.
       Since the effective date of the Oman Project on July 21st, 2016, the Company's chairman Mr. Meng Qinglin and many other leaders visited the site for inspection and guidance. Sinoma  Overseas staffs were fully affirmed and received positive evaluation by Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sultanate of Oman for their team spirit in endurance and conquest of hardships, team cooperation, tenacious struggle, overcoming difficulties, strict safety management, precise control of quality, progress and costs, enhancement of business &risk management and control, and finally achieving zero accidents in the entire construction process of Project.
       The startup of the Oman Project has been fully affirmed and praised by the Owner, which creates conditions for further development of a diversified and deep cultivation in Oman market and demonstrates the strength and style of Overseas Company again. The Sinoma Overseas staffs will work hard together, overcome difficulties, and forge ahead to make Oman Project team reach design rated output &standard, so that the factory will be handed over as soon as possible for timely for technical services. At the same time, with a faith rooted in Oman, they will explore new markets and businesses opportunities in the periphery, devote to Sinoma overseas’s localization and diversification in Oman, even the Middle East.