Chairman of Sinoma International Mr. Song Shoushun and GM of Sinoma Overseas Mr. Meng Qinglin met DRC PM upon invitation


On August 5th, 2015, Chairman of Sinoma International Mr.Song Shoushun and General Manager of Sinoma Overseas Mr. Meng Qinglin met the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Mr. Matata Ponyo at the official residence of the Prime Minister upon invitation. Mr. Bamanisa, governor of Orientale province, and Mr. Castle, CEO of PPC, attended the meeting.


During the meeting, Mr.Song Shoushun and Mr. Castle reported the general status of the PPC-Barnet project that was general-contracted by Sinoma International, including the progress, quality, safety, environment, occupational health and employment of local labor. Having been debriefed, Mr. Matata highly recognized the excellent work of the project. He also passed the word of  recognition of the project process from DRC President Joseph Kabila, who called Sinoma magician because of the profound changes with the project site during only a short span of a few months. The President also entrusted Mr. Matata to arrange this meeting with Chairman of Sinoma International and offer the project and Sinoma the utmost support and help in policy. At the end of the meeting, Mr.Matata mentioned that with the support of the government and foreign policies of China and DRC,Chinese enterprises have made a major contribution in terms of infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges, airports, housing and ports. He highly appreciated it. He also emphasized that DRC wasa developing country, which has a tremendous space for infrastructure construction and mineral resource development. DRC needed large-sized enterprises like Sinoma to enter DRC and take root in the country to contribute more to local economic development, employment and environmental protection.


During the meeting, Chairman Song Shoushun said that as a central state-owned enterprise, Sinoma International had been ranking first in the world for five consecutive years in cement EPC projects. Under the leadership of Chinese government and as guided by the spirit "the ‘Belt and the Road’ Initiative" and “going global to seek development”, Sinoma was willing to diversify the forms of cooperation with DRC. He also emphasized that Sinoma not only enjoyed advantages in cement EPC projects, cement project construction, cement project engineering and cement equipment, but also boasted rich experience in glass, ceramics, building materials and infrastructure. Sinoma was willing to diversify and expand the fields of cooperation and make contribution to public welfare undertakings. He believed that this meeting would lay a solid foundation for the development of Sinoma in DRC in the future.


During the visit, Chairman of Sinoma International Mr. Song Shoushun and GM of Sinoma Overseas Mr.Meng Qinglin/Vice GM Gao Chao also met Executive Secretary-General of China-DRC Project Coordination and Supervision Committee Mr. Moise Ekanga Lushyma, governor of Orientale province Mr. Bamanisa and the economic adviser of the President Mr. Chong Maohuai. The two parties exchanged opinions on the security situation in DRC and the development of Sinoma in the future, especially on some new cement production lines, glass production lines and establishment of an industrial park in Bas Congo. They both expressed the willingness for “diversified, localized, eco-friendly and people-centered development” on the basis of “equality, mutual benefit and integrity” and hoped to “join hands to make a better future”, so as to contribute more to the economic development and technician cultivation in DRC as well as local environmental protection and employment.


Project manager Mr. Zhou Qingshan and deputy project manager Mr. Bai Yuquan of the PPC-Barnet project as well as deputy director of General Office Mr. Yan Yu accompanied and attended the meeting.